About Us

About Us

The moving industry places great importance on an accurate measurement. Whether it is distance, weight, or area, it must be accurate to every number and point. This is what Londonmoving.co.uk is about. However, Londonmoving is the largest domestic and international moving company. Our services include long-distance and European relocations. Also, we cover the entire UK and 10 European countries. Londonmoving is a company that brings customers and transport together. Additionally, customers get the best to create a mutually beneficial setup. The company has launched its operations in the UK to cater to the growing UK market demands.

Londonmoving is the largest moving and Storage Company, serving a wide range of customers, including homeowners, businesses, and government departments. Furthermore, we don't take things for granted. With Londonmoving.co.uk, you get accuracy and peace of mind. At the centre of our culture are attitudes, beliefs, and values by our management team and our employees. Moreover, we want to help you with every step of your moving journey. Our goal is to be happy with the result of your move. Londonmoving expects the best, on-time delivery, and you can rely on us to provide their goods with excellent care.

Our Mission

Londonmoving gains the trust of our customers by taking care of their relocation and their moving experience. Moreover, Londonmoving delivering flexible solutions, global reach, customized support, and peace of mind with major relocation-related life transitions.

Our Vision

To provide customers with the right balance of technology and human support for seamless, customized transfer and moving experiences. As we continuously innovate to maintain leadership in a changing industry.


Our Values

We are also committed to the highest service standards with accountability, approachability, and ownership of a complete customer experience.


Empower our people to express their ideas, think creatively, and continuously collaborate on our customers' best solutions.

Customer First

Commit to a customer-centric organization with all employees to the highest customer excellence standards - providing services from a customer lens.


Personal accountability, making the right decision, no matter what


Also, Invest in our employees and leading technology to serve our customers.

Respect and Inclusion

However, our workplace's foundation is diversity, commitment to equity and inclusion, and interaction with customers.

Social Responsibility

We also actively support the communities in which we live and work.