About Us

About Us

Let us help you get started.  We are here to help you get started. Let us take the hassle out of moving. We have a wide range of moving services for people in London, from packing and moving to airfreight and self-storage.


Enjoy your new home with ease.

If you're looking to move, we're the company for you. No matter where you're moving to, we'll help make the process as easy as possible.


Shipping company in London with an international reputation

If you're looking for reliable, affordable, and high-quality international transport services in London - look no further than our company. We provide a wide range of international transport services and local removals.


Your source for quality services.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we move to London. Check out reviews of our services and see how we can help you get the moving done right.


London Moving Company - Your One-stop-shop.

We offer a wide range of moving services for businesses and individuals in London, from packing and shipping to moving offices and storage. Our team has years of experience in the industry and can help you get the most out of your move.


Get the help you need.

Our team of experts can help you with everything. With our awesome resources and helpful staff, it's easy to get the help you need and get your move on.


Make your move easy.

With London Moving Company, you can make your move easy and get the best services from the best moving company in London. We're here to help you with every step of your move.


Get your moving done right- Move without breaking a sweat.

With over 30 years of experience in the moving industry and with our advanced relocation services, you won't have to break a sweat. We provide all the tools and resources you need to get the job done right, without breaking the bank.


Stay organized with an efficient moving company.

Stay on top of your moves with our storage and removal service. Our shipping company is the only one to offer a unique and efficient way to move. Get your moving done the right way with London Moving Company.


Make your relocation easy and stress-free

We're here to make sure you have an easy and stress-free relocation experience. Our shipping service company is here to help you with everything from packing your things to getting your new home set up.


Unconditional liability for your moving and storage supplies

With fully insured moving & storage solutions, you're covered in case of emergencies. Don't be at risk for any accidents or damage while Moving & Storage is handling your move.


Get moving in style

We have the perfect solution for you: our on-demand removals and storage solutions in London. With our efficient shipping service, you can get your move done quickly and efficiently.


Get a moving estimate

London Moving Company can provide you with an accurate moving estimate that will help you save money and time. Not only that, but we know the ins and outs of moving, so your move will be as smooth and stress-free as possible.


You can get a moving estimate online or by calling us. We'll be happy to help you choose the right moving company for your needs.


Our Mission

  • We understand the importance of convenience and quality when it comes to moving.
  • We pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with the best possible services at a fraction of the cost of other movers.
  • We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional movement, as well as our wide range of shipping options.
  • We have a team of experienced professionals who will work diligently to get your belongings moved quickly and efficiently.
  • We also offer self-storage and air freight services in London so you can store your belongings while you're away.


Our Vision

  • We offer our customers a range of moving services that are both affordable and convenient.
  • We also offer a wide range of packing and storage solutions so that you can easily relocate your belongings.
  • Our team of experienced movers will work diligently to get your belongings to where you want them, on time and under budget.
  • We promise that our services will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.


Our Values

  • We are passionate about making sure our clients receive the best possible service.
  • We take pride in our ability to provide quality services at a value-friendly price.
  • Our focus on customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we will do everything in our power to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.


Customer First

  • We believe that our customers are the most important thing to us.
  • We take the time to understand each one of our clients
  • We work diligently to make sure that their needs are met first.
  • We respect the privacy of our clients and never share any personal information without their consent.
  • We always put our customers first, no matter what.
  • We take the customer-first approach when it comes to our packing and moving services.
  • We always put the safety and well-being of our clients first.
  • We want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the service we provide and that we can help them move quickly and easily.



One of the most important things a moving company does is to be accountable and transparent in its operations. This means that you can be sure that your move is going as planned and that you're being paid for your work. In addition, you should be able to track your move's progress and receive updates on how it's going.


Social Responsibility

London Moving Company is social responsibility organization. This means that it takes care of its customers, and doesn’t charge high prices for moving services.

When it comes to the company’s culture, London Moving Company is very organized and has a good quality control system. It also usually has a good customer service policy in place.



We believe that quality and service should always be our priority, and we take pride in being the first choice for both domestic and international moving services. We offer a wide range of moving services, from containerized to big-box moves, and can help you with everything from planning to packing and shipping.


Our experienced staff will work with you to find the best way to move your belongings and make sure your move is as smooth as possible. Our company takes pride in our customer service, and we will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied with your move.


Respect and Inclusion

We believe that respect and inclusion are key to our success. We take pride in being an inclusive company, and we want our employees and customers to feel comfortable and welcome.


We understand that there is a wide variety of cultures and religions in the world, and we work to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully. We take pride in our workplace culture, and we aim to promote a positive environment where everyone is treated with respect.



We make it our mission to provide our clients with the best possible service and support. We see this as a key factor in helping us grow as a business. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to help with any needs you may have.


We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with the best possible service. Our moving company has been operating in London for over 30 years and we guarantee quick, efficient, and affordable moves throughout the city. Our team will work hard to find the best way to move your items.




We've been moving people for generations, and we know what it takes to make your move as smooth as possible


Our mission is to provide professional and efficient removal services to our clients.


We understand that every move can be a challenge, so we're here to provide our customers with the best possible service. Whether it's packing and removal services for an office or home, or moving your belongings from one location to another, we're here to help.


Get the best removal service with reviews from locals and professionals.


Review your move with neutrality and get the best results. Compare removal services and find the perfect one for your needs.


If you're looking for tailor-made removal & storage services, look no further than London Moving Company. Our team of experts can provide you with a range of customized options to suit your needs.


Get top-notch customer service with London Moving Company.



London Moving Company Takes On National Guild of Removers & Stores Credentials


  • It can be difficult to find reliable movers if you live in a large house or have many valuables. You might have to look hard to find a trustworthy company that offers reliable service at a fair price.
  • There are many moving companies in the city of London. However, not all of them are trustworthy. There is a growing demand for trustworthy moving services in the city. That’s where the National Guild of Removers & Stores comes in.
  • The National Guild of Removers & Store's goal is to provide industry-specific training to assist member companies in becoming the best they can be.
  • For people who work in the moving industry, accreditation and certification are like gold-plated badges of honor. It’s an added level of respect and trustworthiness. The National Guild of Removers & Stores is the governing body for licensed moving companies in London. It’s a way to ensure that moving companies are held to the same standard.
  • The National Guild of Removers & Stores also verifies that companies have passed the mandatory training and education requirements to become certified members. The National Guild of Removers & Stores requires members to pass a series of exams and take an online test.
  • This means that if a company has The National Guild of Removers & Stores logo on their website, it means that they’re either a member of The National Guild of Removers & Stores or a certified moving company with an online certificate.
  • It’s important that London Moving Company takes this step because it will allow them to provide more personalized services for their customers, which in turn will drive up retention rates among their clientele.
  • The main reason why London Moving Company has chosen to become a member of the National Guild of Removers & Stores is that they want to help educate and support like-minded professionals with practical advice and information.

London Removal

            We are happy to introduce you to the best London removal service there is. We are experts in all services needed for moving; removals, storage, packing, and international removals. We handle all clients’ needs professionally. We treat every client’s unique case and we never do it as a routine process.