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Moving to Kuwait from the UK is more popular than ever because of the many opportunities to get there. With tax-free income and high wages, Kuwait provides a good reason for the UK to relocate. Many people are wondering how they moved to Kuwait and Londonmoving here to point them to that process. To our knowledge, we have simplified the international travel process. It has allowed us to bring the best number of our customers to destinations around the world. Londonmoving has a full range of removal services for Kuwait.

With our groupage services and our professional handling of overseas cultures, your move to Kuwait will be a smooth process from the date of collection until the final delivery and export of goods to Kuwait. Full travel insurance for peace of mind and flexible storage and shipping dates means Londonmoving your one-stop delivery shop in Kuwait. For a complete house removal from the UK to Kuwait, we recommend our professional export packaging service. Our professional packing staff will pack your items and prepare a detailed list for cultural purposes. Your belongings will load directly into the shipping container where you live to be shipped immediately to Kuwait. When access is limited or goods need to store before shipment, we will load the container with our warehouse.

Where we go, our local partner will take care of all the cultural practices and deliver them directly to your desire destination in Kuwait. We offer risky marine insurance to protect your furniture during removal, and we can keep your belongings in our safe place if you do not travel to Kuwait immediately. If you are moving home to Kuwait, we will do a free home survey to assess your needs and discuss your travel aspects. To schedule a free home survey for your move to Kuwait, please call our removal team on 01923220181.

What offer we did?

  • Free quote of your move
  • Short or long term storage
  • Removals insurance
  • Door to door shipping service
  • Groupage service on a weekly basis
  • Help with documentation
  • Export quality packing materials
  • Advice on customs requirements
  • Customs clearance


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