Moving Overseas

Moving Overseas

Relocation is always a stressful time, and moving abroad can be even more so. Londonmoving is the right choice when you need a reliable international moving service to transport your family belongings across the continent or worldwide. We can move you safely and efficiently from any source to any destination worldwide. Londonmoving can move you’re overseas effortlessly. We know that a move does not involve moving your household items from A to Z. Going abroad means you need to be fast with the foreign weather and surroundings. Our ability to adapt international moves to your specific needs and specific requests in Londonmoving is your experience turnkey. Londonmoving has the knowledge, experience, and global resources.

At Londonmoving, we are internationally experienced and have a vast network of partners, and provide various services that suit every budget. Assure that we will work with you to ensure your possessions' safe arrival, removing them from your list of concerns.


Features of our international moving service:


  • An on-site survey to estimate your step volume and weight
  • Professional packing of your home or business premises
  • It is carefully wrapping its furniture, plates, electronic gear, etc., to ensure that it continues to travel and remains intact.
  • Preparation and assistance with customs documentation
  • If a new home or office is not available when shipment arrives, Londonmoving can make arrangements to place your goods in one of the hundreds of storage facilities we have access to worldwide.

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