Moving to Luxembourg

Moving to Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to give it its full and proper title, is a small, landlocked country between Belgium, France, and Germany. Its larger neighbours have mainly influenced it over the years, but it maintains an almost clear sense of national pride and identity.

The national language, called Luxembourg, feels a little German, blends in a little with French, and adds a bit Belgian for good measure, and by doing so, creates something unique and attractive. For administrative purposes, the natives relied on French, and German was taught as the first foreign language until they made most out-of-school residents trilingual. The Londonmoving offers weekly moves to Luxembourg. Our service meets all your moving needs commercially, corporate, or domestically and may include complete packing, loading, shipping, and unloading your goods. We provide commercial cleaning as well as transportation service only.

We offer two types of removals for Luxembourg. Our dedicated service provides you with only one of our vehicles. Our group service provides sharing space on other loaded vehicles. A separate vehicle will be allocated only for your needs.

What Do We Offer?

We can deliver from the UK to eight cities in Europe. All vehicles are regularly inspected and in perfect condition. Londonmoving offers shared loading services with weekly departures to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, and Holland, Belgium, Poland, Austria, and Switzerland. It’s included, • Regular services on a modern European fleet • Weekly departures to all key destinations • Choice of services • Choice of packing options • Storage at origin or destination

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