Fine Art Removals

Fine Art Removals

Fine Art Removal

Fine art removal is a unique challenge because almost every aspect is different. Large canvas painting‌ may require a large vehicle but is still delicate, requiring specialist packaging. Very brittle pots are challenging to transport, small parts can break in the case of using foam, and specific packing materials are needed to keep it safe. All of this will cover by our team of experts. Every item you need to move is carefully considered and planned before the move.

We'll build custom travel cases and utilize white-glove techniques to fit each item, from large metal sculptures to the most delicate pottery. Moreover, each piece of art is unique in shape, size, and material, and each item is carefully packed to keep it safe while travelling. We manufacture custom travel cases, from large metal sculptures to the most delicate pottery.


What Do We Offer?

 • Door to door services • Stress-free Fine Arts Shipping will arrive safely. • Cost-effective services • Packing services are suitable for practically any type of item. • Special attention while relocating fine art storage • Insurance service of moving goods

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