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Export Packing

Good packing is essential for your goods when moving. It would be best to pack them well to ensure that delicate and unique items save while moving. At Londonmoving, we can provide you with the materials you need to safely pack your bags from the smallest vase or glass to wardrobes and art. Londonmoving is a leading, professional moving/packaging company that uses state-of-the-art packing and manufacturing techniques. We value your property and take extra care, attention and detail on each item to make sure your items are safe. All of your items will be marked on our computer system to indicate what type of shipment they will carry (for example, by sea, air, land, or storage).

Londonmoving has developed its packing equipment to protect your personal effects fully. From utensils to LED TVs or halogen lamps, we have tailor boxes to answer all your needs. Do you have unique objects or pieces of art to move? Our teams love to challenge. We can make custom boxes to ensure the safety of your valuables things. Your goods are in the hands of well-trained teams and packed with the best packing material.

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