Containerized Storage

Containerized Storage

Londonmoving offers safe, clean, containerized storage. Each container size is 250 cubic feet, which is about 2/3 of the typical garage size. If you need access to your effects while in storage, you can provide your containers in our warehouse. Alternatively, your containers will be sent to you, for which delivery charges may apply.

The advantage of containerized storage instead of single unit storage facilities is that your effects only control half the time. Once loaded, there is no need to unload your valuables in the warehouse. We will fork-lift the entire container from the truck and into the warehouse. However, it minimizes the impact of your effects, saves time, and pays off! It is sometimes necessary to stockpile some or all of the goods before moving to your new home, or you may want to free up some space in your current home. Whatever your need, Londonmoving has a storage solution for you.

What Do We Offer?

  • Containerized storage eliminates the risk of mixing your goods with other consignments.
  • Safe and secure storage facilities.
  • Complete inventory and labelling system upon arrival in storage.
  • Worldwide access and delivery services.
  • Dust and worm proof storage module.
  • A high-end fire protection system.
  • High-security system to protect your items in storage.

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