Moving to Germany

Moving to Germany

Are you looking to move from the UK to Germany? If you need to travel with your household goods and look for a reliable and experienced international service to ship your goods, you are in the right place! We have locations across the UK that are in the process of moving conveniently and affordably because we can provide a wide range of moving services to customers. When using our European moving services to travel to Germany, you do not have to worry about anything in the process. We take care to prepare your transportation and documentation so that everything goes smoothly after you come abroad.  You only pay for the actual amount you set for groupage services. Our experience and volume allow us to complete several integrations into Germany in a month. Ultimately this means you don't have to wait long for your cargo ship.

If you are within the absolute time limit, we offer our unique shipping container to customers at a flat rate of 20 feet or 40 feet. Don’t worry about leaving your car. We can transport your vehicle to Germany along with your household items and other personal belongings too.

What Do We Offer?

• Door to Door service • Enclosed storage at origin or destination • Packing and wrapping • Pickup and delivery to our warehouse/port • Customs clearance and documentation • Surveys for accurate quotes of your volume • Available 24/7 for your move • All necessary materials available in the house • Efficient and high-quality relocation services • We take care of everything for you! • Regular services on a modern European fleet • Weekly departures to all key destinations

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