International shipping companies in the UK

Hiring international shipping companies is an essential first step when relocating overseas. Here are some of the most common types of international shipping companies, and why you should hire a London Moving Company.

International shipping companies in the UK

International shipping companies in the UK

Many people are unaware of the multitude of companies and services that exist to facilitate international shipping. From international shipping couriers to international delivery services, it's important to know which company is best for you when trying to ship goods from the United Kingdom.

Here are some of the most common types of international shipping companies in the UK, and why you should hire London Moving Company


Types of international shipping companies in the UK

The three most common types of international shipping companies in the UK are couriers, delivery services, and freight forwarders.

Couriers - Couriers are companies that handle International transport services in London of goods between countries. They typically act as a sort of international express service. Couriers can offer door-to-door transportation or they may provide a more traditional method of unloading the goods at specific locations.

Delivery Services - Delivery services are typically used when the end destination of your shipment is not known beforehand. They do not move your goods from one country to another but instead bring them to a central location where they will be shipped out to their final destinations. Delivery services can also be used for domestic shipments as well, so if you're only looking for a way to send something from one country to another, this may be the type of company for you.

Freight Forwarders - Freight forwarders are companies that work with large retailers and manufacturers to help them ship their products internationally without having to worry about all the logistics associated with them. When a manufacturer wants to start selling their product overseas they'll typically hire freight forwarders who will then handle distribution and exports on their behalf.


International Delivery Services

International delivery services are the most common type of service used to ship goods. They work by having a professional representative at the delivery location with your package so that you don't have to worry about tracking or picking up the package.

Delivery companies offer two types of international delivery services:

  • Express Delivery Service
  • Standard Delivery Service

The Express Delivery Service is an on-time, guaranteed delivery service that costs a little bit more than the Standard Delivery Service. With Express Delivery Services, you should be able to get your goods in 3 business days or less if you live in London and pay for expedited shipping. If you're outside of London and paying for standard shipping, it can take 5-6 business days for your goods to reach their destination. If you're not sure what's best for your needs, we recommend choosing one of these two options when shipping from the UK to overseas destinations


Why hire a company like London Moving Company?

International shipping companies like London Moving Company are best for those who need to ship goods from the United Kingdom. Our shipping company in London offers services in all major regions of the world and can provide you with a service at any time of day or night.

Some other reasons why you should hire a company as London Moving Company include:

If you're looking for an international shipping company in the UK that offers easy-to-use services that are reliable and cost-effective, London Moving Company is the one to look into!


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