Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium might be an exciting experience, but it can also be confusing and difficult. That's why it's best to hire a professional like London Moving Company.

Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium

Moving to Belgium is an exciting and rewarding experience. For one thing, the country has a lot of history and culture, from delicious waffles to world-famous architecture. However, if you’re moving with your family or a group of people, there are certain logistics involved that can make it more difficult than expected.

 One of these complications is shipping items you own abroad. It can be easy to find a home for your belongings in other countries, but figuring out how to move them might not be as straightforward. Hire London Moving Company to take care of that.


Moving To Belgium

The logistics of moving to Belgium are difficult, but there are a few things you need to know before making the decision. This article will help you figure out how to move your belongings, but you must understand the hurdles involved.

 Moving your items: There are multiple moving companies in Belgium. The first step is finding an international shipping company with experience in moving goods from one country to another.

 Shipping costs: In general, shipping fees will be more expensive in Belgium than in others countries because of its proximity to France and Germany and the high demand for their products within Europe. Additionally, Belgian taxes are quite high and might be an additional cost if you’re importing high-priced goods such as electronics or designer clothing.


Shipping Your Belongings Overseas

If you’re moving to Belgium or any other country, there are certain things you must take care of before embarking on your journey. One of these is shipping your belongings overseas. If you don’t ship your items, you could be charged a fee for packing them for you. Additionally, certain guidelines must be followed for shipments to go through smoothly. For example, if you have any valuable items, they need to have a customs declaration and those items will be checked by customs officials once they arrive in Belgium.

However, if you hire London Moving Company to do the shipping, they can take care of all of this hassle for you so that you can focus on getting settled into your new home as soon as possible!

If you are removing from the UK to Belgium and looking for a low-cost way to carry your furniture and accessories, we can help! London moving is assisting people in moving to Belgium with peace of mind. Our team specializes in international and European removals, so we know you need to take care of everything to make removing your home comfortable and stress-free.

Our service offers the freedom of a specific date to remove items from your current premises and delivery date to your new home in Belgium subject to driving restrictions. You will have peace of mind to see your luggage loading safely and travel directly to your new Belgian home - allowing you to unload the vehicle. This service can also cover the storage period if required, and with all our services, when you go home to Belgium, you can choose full or partial packing service.


Office Removal

There are many companies that offer London removals or Watford removals, yet not all of them offer office removals. Moving your office can be burdensome, but we help with that in a stress-free process. We can help with filing your business paperwork, organizing your files, and archiving and storing them.  We do these steps along with packing and moving all office furniture and equipment. We know how to handle office details and land your items safely with a great organization in your new place. Our removals company in Watford supplies all the needed packaging material and provides disassembly and assembly of everything. If you are just expanding or changing the decorations and organization of your current office, we can also help with all the needed services.


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Moving to Belgium
Moving to Belgium

What Do We Offer?

What do we offer?

London Moving Company offers packing, shipping, and customs clearance services for goods. We also provide storage in our warehouse for up to two years.

Our services are great for ex-pats moving abroad who own a lot of items that need to be moved. Moving abroad can be incredibly expensive, but we’re able to lower those costs by taking care of all the logistics involved in moving your things overseas.

• Door to Door service

 • Enclosed storage at origin or destination

• Packing and wrapping

• Pickup and delivery to our warehouse/port

• Customs clearance and documentation

• Surveys for accurate quotes of your volume

• Available 24/7 for your move

• All necessary materials available in the house

• Efficient and high-quality relocation services

• We take care of everything for you!

• Regular services on a modern European fleet

• Weekly departures to all key destinations

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